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Friday, 21 December 2007

Some days a go, i was entered to post office. My father had me to bought some stamp. That post office is big and satisfied standard of good for post office. But, one think that I want to criticate from this post office. Lets read this text.

About 9 o’clock a.m. post office was full with people. They wanted to sent a message, bought a stamp, sent a money et cetera. I entered to that post office with hastily, because I had a meeting with my friend in the school.

Purpose of me came here was bought some stamp. I hurry to one box office and waited in the back someone that gave message to the officer. I saw many people in this box office, but they not made a line for waited his turn. They spread surrounded this officer.

make a line, please
picture : many people in post office, didn’t make a line for get their turn


As a result when came my turn for got serviced, a woman beside me surpassed of me. She gave message to the officer. In this moment I was still calm. After she finished, the man beside me was doing something as the woman done. Huff, I was began disappointed. Finally, I got last turn.

From this my experience, I can get conclusion that Indonesian people not respect yet of each other. They still with they self, although they wrong. I think it will be our bad habit. Therefore, change it now!