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One of them our contribution as educated generation to take a part for nature eternality is use public transportation. Why? By this habit, we can take a part to reduce pollution. It’s mean we participate to save the earth from global warming.

You know about global warming, aren’t? Pollution is cause this disaster and this disaster can make we die, because abnormally increase of temperature. You know from where that cause appear? Industry activities are biggest contributor, and the second is from emission of transportation.

This second cause which will we discuss. Who don’t know transportation? Go to school, office, shopping at mall and other place, always we are helped by it. Conscious or not, this activity was contributed emission for earth disaster. It can more horrible if we prefer use personal transportation (such as motorcycle, car) than public transportation.

my friends using “angkot”
picture: some days ago, i and my friends used “angkot” -one of name of public transportation in indonesia- after done an activity.

Many advantage if we use public service. First, of course we will participate to reducing pollution. Public transportation have more space for many people. If we prefer to use personal transportation, then large amount of pollution produced. Second, not less important than the first, use public transportation will decrease a traffic jam.

Beside use public service, many better way, which we can do in our habit. For example, if distance between school and home is near, then don’t shy for use bicycle, or just walk for shorter distance. Not only save the nature, but also save our health.

Therefore do many little things for nature, because everything we do, it most useful for better world. Don’t forget : “Each one of you is part of this life, this world!”.


For other resources, you can visit : Wikipedia:Global Warming / /PhotograpicOfClimateChange …..enjoy!

How old are you? Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, or….! Are you enjoy with your age, with your life? It’s a big question for me and maybe for you too.

Sometimes, I want to be child again. They playing, shout each other, and do something new everywhere, everyday with happily. In their mind, they just think about they self without problem and pressure from anywhere. Their face always look bright with wide laugh that make everyone love them.

this my litle brother, he is cute, everyone love him

picture : this my little brother, he is cute, everyone love him 

When the age increase, a wish is more increase too and when that wish exceeded of capability, so problem is grow. And now the question is, “Who wants a problem?”.

Almost people didn’t wants have a problem. They want all of their wish can real. But a problem is a consequently from what we do. If we wants freedom from a problem, so don’t do anything, don’t go to school, don’t work, don’t eat, don’t drink, and …. Don’t life! Once again a question for us, “Who wants die?”.

Is really difficult option between “get a problem” and “die”, but if we see more careful, “get a problem” is receive a life, and reject it is want to be die. This life not really life without problems. Therefore, don’t be down if you get a problem, because it can help you to better life.


Friday, 21 December 2007

Some days a go, i was entered to post office. My father had me to bought some stamp. That post office is big and satisfied standard of good for post office. But, one think that I want to criticate from this post office. Lets read this text.

About 9 o’clock a.m. post office was full with people. They wanted to sent a message, bought a stamp, sent a money et cetera. I entered to that post office with hastily, because I had a meeting with my friend in the school.

Purpose of me came here was bought some stamp. I hurry to one box office and waited in the back someone that gave message to the officer. I saw many people in this box office, but they not made a line for waited his turn. They spread surrounded this officer.

make a line, please
picture : many people in post office, didn’t make a line for get their turn


As a result when came my turn for got serviced, a woman beside me surpassed of me. She gave message to the officer. In this moment I was still calm. After she finished, the man beside me was doing something as the woman done. Huff, I was began disappointed. Finally, I got last turn.

From this my experience, I can get conclusion that Indonesian people not respect yet of each other. They still with they self, although they wrong. I think it will be our bad habit. Therefore, change it now!