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Ayat-ayat Cinta

Posted: January 27, 2008 in book
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ayat-ayat cinta

Title                 : Ayat-ayat Cinta

Author             : Habiburrahman El Shirazy

Publisher         : Republika

Thick Book       : 419 pages


This book has about 400 pages which full of words and only has two colour, black and white. But, this words integrate become a beautiful sentences, and paragraph that full of sense then has many colour from different situation. Made everyone who read this book couldn’t stop his tears and enter to situation that told this book.

Novel which tell a true Indonesian muslim who study in Egypt, his name is Fahri. He is a true muslim and has real vision about his future. He always protect his self from desire that “approach” a girl who not muhrim1.

From this attitude, Fahri got a pious girl and she become his wife. Their life after married is full of happiness. This is a reply for this attitude. But, their love and taqwa2 are tested by Allah. In this part, their offering and struggle of love made this story full of sense.

This novel is a wonderful writing work that full of Islam nuanced and near to propagation. Propagation which give slow but sure and kind. Slow but sure can go to heart and conquer the reader.

This novel give “the really future” for everyone who obedient to Allah’s commandments. Has a persuasive power, tease the reader become a religious person. Not more than enough if this book call as “conquer book”. Conquer the hard of heart from power of Allah.

One thing that hated from this book is a unhappy ending. Made the reader amuse his self from sad that impress deeply. But behind it, found one thing that become lesson for us and wisdom about peaceful life a religious person who is obedient to Allah’s commandments.

The Movie

This book also adapted to a movie that show at middle of February 2008. This a trailer : 

1) person who have different gender which not a family or distant relative.

2) attitude that obedient to Allah’s commandments.