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Posted: January 11, 2008 in diary, education
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10 January 2008 

It was my schedule together my friends at English Language Study Group for discussed at one table, discussed about our task which teacher gave to us. It was three times meeting include today, and in two last meeting we can’t yet realization what we should done. And today, we had determination for finished it all.

Me, Reska, Racmi, Rini and Ivan who came for work, actually we amounts to eight people, three of my friends who not came were Resha, Leni and Jahid, they had other schedule or purposely not I gave information, the purpose : time effectively, heuheu! At 8 o’clock we were assembled in front of Borma Departement Store. Almost of my friends didn’t know where is my Home, therefore we assembled in here. The first came is Ivan, in my experience he always on time if had a meeting. Next is Reska, then Rachmi and the last was Rini, she came at 9 o’clock (we understand, her house is far away from here).

Our focus that time was News Reading, after change from Review, Description and last is Joke. My bed room was modified become a television studio, and we gave it name “CAU News Studio” –because it’s name of our class. I should change a lamp of my room which wasn’t so bright for it, then borrowed handycam and bought DVD for record it.

Fist schedule that we should finished was made a news script. Actually, this schedule should was finished, but what’s to be done, we not finished yet because last meeting at yesterday was very tired. And finally, about 12 o’clock we was finished this script -although just a part, heuheu.

my bed room become a news studio

picture : it’s my bedroom that was modified became a “CAU News Studio”


Script was finished, and we should be alert for action on camera. Some prepares was we done for got a maximal result, such as make up, costume, property and the most important is a feelings prepare. This was a part that i very like, because in there i could showed my obsession become a news reader.

Actually, in our plan, there was 4 news reader, but the time is up. Finally, only 2 person that action, it was : ME and Rachmi. As a person that more professional about use a camera (ciee…), i gave a guidance to my friends when and how we ought to action. And one, two, three….. action.

Huff, it was a big job that cause became tired, but it was very interesting and gave us more advantage. We could know very difficult action in front of the camera and become actor or actress is very difficult. It was really wonderful experience.

And not we felt, it was 5 o’clock, about 8 hours we work. It was very tired. After this, only finishing touch to edit and add for video. For get a maximal result, really needed a big offering. 

  1. rizal says:

    jd news reader yeuh..
    meni gaya..

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