Added Memory for My Laptop

Posted: January 11, 2008 in diary
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11 January 2008 

Today is a best day for me. Why? You know, my laptop was added new memory. It’s my dream since some months ago, heuheu.

At begun my laptop just had 512 Mb space of memory but now it was upgrade by adding 1 G of memory, so it had 1,512 Mb of memory. I was very happy with this, because it can be my work more fast than before.

Operating System (OS) of my laptop is Windows Vista, the new OS from one software big enterprise at this time, Microsoft. Before software from this enterprise are Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows ME, and last Windows XP. This new software needed a high quality hardware too for maximal work. That was mean my laptop should be upgrade, because this my partner just have a minimum requirements for this OS.

And today, my dream (?!!£?)was going true. Now i can work more fast, more free and more…, more….! Thanks to You, God, Who was gave me my dream, and also my father who was prepared a money for bought it. And I hope, my partner can more enthusiasm for helped to finish my job.

  1. rizal says:

    memory 1,5 giga mah..poolll!!
    bliin gw jg dunk..

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