Behind The Pentagram

Posted: January 9, 2008 in social
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Fashion is really become part of teenager’s life. Conscious or not, you of course always update a fashion. This will add your self confidence in social intercourse. That sure, but you must careful with something inside that fashion.

In this text, we focus to Pentagram Symbol. This symbol was not as strange thing for you. You often see that in t-shirt, jacket, necklace, ring or other accessories. This symbol enter through fashion and believed as something new and up to date, therefore this symbol is more put by teenager. But wait, you must careful with this symbol because have mean which more than fashion.

picture : this a pentagram symbol, represent a Baphoment and Satan Worship in this Universe

If we learn more far this  pentagram, then we must flash back to Adam Prophet period. In the story, Adam was chased from heaven because devil temptation. Devil also was early cursed and allowanced for chase a man to making trouble in the earth.

Then, what a relation between devil and this pentagram? Must you know that the pentagram symbolize devil worshiper at this universe. Hmmmm, it’s very scary! This symbol represent Baphoment, beautiful devil that worshiper by his followers. Each angle of pentagram represent soul element, water, fire, wind, and soil which directed to sin so that devil can get power to lead the man.

This community of devil worshiper is very against to religion, they escape from laws which attract. Their habit which hedonis, drugs, free sex are their daily activity. A doctrine which they hold is full by element of myth, superstition, mysterious, and magic. They didn’t reluctant to sacrifice a riches, property, or maybe life they self for devil. They believe that devil will give a power and worldly pleasure which never stop.

This doctrine can spread enter social community, particularly teenager with various of medias. For example which explain an information about devil that become centre of worship. Except that, exist and which explain about devil worship rituals. All of that medias are misleading and lead us to wrong way.

Therefore, now we must more careful with fashion, more to a symbols, because that can symbolize identity of certain community. Appear a fashion is allowed, but still must selective.

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