The Lie of Evolution Theory

Posted: January 5, 2008 in social
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In this rain, I awakened for open old pages of biology textbook. In one page, I read explanation about evolution theory. When I read it, I remembered a book of the author Harun Yahya that I was read some years ago. I asked my self, why this textbook still spread this lie theory. I am not a scientist or specialist of science but I have a knowledge and mind to reject this theory.

charles darwin

Charles Robert Darwin is a nature observer from England. In 22 years old he wasn’t learn about biology or other science, he was a Theology student of Cambridge University. In 1859, Charles Darwin spread this book, the title is “The Origin of Species (On the origin of species by means of natural selection)”. From this book then appear a theory, which we know until this time, “Evolution Theory”.  Evolution it self mean continuously of change in a long time. This theory say all of life being grow from one primitive creature by continuously in a long time.As a moslem, I very not agree with this theory. This theory was rejected the fact of creation by Allah SWT, who was create life being with different ancestor. Are you want consider monkey as your ancestor? For thinking people, of course the answer is “not!”.

This theory was rejected by modern research too. The cell a smallest unit which compose the body of life being is proved has very complex system. Very smallest possibility to created without wonderful power of Allah. And possible a reptile evolve become a bird, as the theory say, see the complex system at pair of wings. This showed the evolution theory was only a “imagination” of Charles Darwin. 

evolution theory

Not little impact that appear from this “wrong theory”. Matrealism, the concept that say a matter is a aternal thing, it was supported by evolution theory. As we know that evolution theory reject a wonderful power of Allah in that creature, likewise Matrealism that has atheist concept.As the Matrealism, Racism was supported by evolution theory too. We can see Adolf Hitler with his Nazi, that was killed a million people except his race. He thought his race was very perfect, and other race as a “monkey race” should destroyed from this world. Finally, the world war couldn’t avoid.

Therefore, I am sure that evolution theory is a big lie that become a life poison and bring a disturbance for life. Is this theory will still fixed to stand?

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  1. Mohamed adel zaki says:

    I agree with you in general but I want to talk darwin`s language “science and proof” .
    most of scientists who manipulated this subject took it from the point that creatures evoluted to survive natural conditions BUT there is another propability that must be concidered which is ” Creatures survived because they have evoluted and {time} didn`t help in the trait development but it helped in the trait spreading among the spieces with help of natural selection _which no one can deny it`s effect on life as white people can`t live in sunny hot areas due to lack of melanin_”,but how this evolution took place ? recently we could discover “genes” which mainly control traits of living organisms they are also chemical compounds. Mixing those chemical compounds or changing its nature causes genetic changes or mutations that leads to changing in traits , and we don`t know exactly the mechanism of this change in traits .
    Briefly we can say ” natural selection” helps in encouraging or diminshing the trait but has no role in making it

  2. amy says:

    evolution makes alot more sense than allah creating the worl randomly tbh 🙂

  3. Mensah Emmanuel says:

    I believe of what the Bible say thus God created man in his image .It is known that he use ash and sand to mould the structure after, he breathed life into man.


    How could evolution occur? The smallest cells do not reproduce sexually, they split so how could they develope. Unless a reproducing cell was around billions of years ago, evolution could not have started. Plus, what started that? Like the one theory of animals becoming out of non-living matter? Or god? god of course.

    • Mitch Peerless says:

      when a single celled organism spits (mitosis) sometimes the DNA or genetic code is damaged or destroyed this causes a mutation. these mutations after occurring over and over change the genetic code of that cell drastically. The other theory is that life didn’t start on earth and that microscopic life came to earth on one of many asteroids which struck the planets surface. This life could have originated on a planet much more suitable to start life with a different atmospheric composition.

  5. hiba ibrahim says:

    I’m sorry to say but everyone has different beliefs, and we can’t change what other people think, belive in what you belive in, even though the person next to you says its wrong, freedom of speech.
    But as a Muslim i do not belive in the theory of evolution, because why one earth would we evolve from monkeys, thats completly absurd. no offence. and the fact that allah(swt) has created us is very much logical, there is one god and muhammad (SAW) is his messenger. how hard is it to belive that.
    i can’t tell you what to belive but that’s just my opinion. 🙂

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