Problem for Better Life

Posted: December 27, 2007 in education, social
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How old are you? Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, or….! Are you enjoy with your age, with your life? It’s a big question for me and maybe for you too.

Sometimes, I want to be child again. They playing, shout each other, and do something new everywhere, everyday with happily. In their mind, they just think about they self without problem and pressure from anywhere. Their face always look bright with wide laugh that make everyone love them.

this my litle brother, he is cute, everyone love him

picture : this my little brother, he is cute, everyone love him 

When the age increase, a wish is more increase too and when that wish exceeded of capability, so problem is grow. And now the question is, “Who wants a problem?”.

Almost people didn’t wants have a problem. They want all of their wish can real. But a problem is a consequently from what we do. If we wants freedom from a problem, so don’t do anything, don’t go to school, don’t work, don’t eat, don’t drink, and …. Don’t life! Once again a question for us, “Who wants die?”.

Is really difficult option between “get a problem” and “die”, but if we see more careful, “get a problem” is receive a life, and reject it is want to be die. This life not really life without problems. Therefore, don’t be down if you get a problem, because it can help you to better life.

  1. rannanesia says:

    hi luqman,,,

    I agree with you about ‘problem’,,,

    I know,,, everybody in this world ‘hate’ get a problem,,, (including me),,,

    But, I always say in my heart like this, “OK, I got a problem. I must finish it! Don’t be annoyed or bad mood,,, just facing it with a brave heart and cool head!”

    huehehe,,, such as like that ,,, ^^

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